What is Story Before Bed?

Story Before Bed started out as a way to record the stories that I make up with my son at night before he goes to bed. You know — so that I can capture his creativity and innocence in a sound bite that he can reflect back on. We make up every story on the fly, and we discuss very little beforehand. Mostly we just decide on a character – some random animal or something, and then we make it up as we go. I only edit out the coughs, and maybe a long pause or something. This way I get to watch as my kids build associations between what is made up, and the real world around them. We are learning together about how to use creativity to solve problems, and how to articulate our thoughts.

As we continue to tell the stories, it has become a creative outlet for both of us, and an opportunity to spend time together. In addition to that though, my son loves to listen to the stories even now, and I would much rather him use his imagination listening to these stories, than be glued to some cartoon that may have content that I’m not sure I want him to see or hear. Even the best shows can contain phrases like “I hate you Dad,” or other terms that I just don’t want to hear my child say.

So we have decided to share our stories with the world in case anyone feels the same way about the power of the imagination, and wants to share in on our little audio treat before bed – or any time really. I’ve heard some say “I’m not creative enough to come up with stories on the fly.” While I disagree, I also offer our stories as a starting point if needed. Maybe the content we have will spark some great ideas for you too!

Happy story telling!


Copyright 2015

Special thanks to Juliana Coutinho from Flickr for this fantastic image!


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