Inspire Dreams

You’re a parent. And, of course, you are striving to be a good mom or a good dad. And you want your kids to grow up to be awesome. You’ve heard by now that quality time is much more valuable than quantity time. So you need to do something of quality with the time you have with your kids, and at the same time let your kids discover who they are so they can make themselves awesome, cause let’s face it – You won’t always be there to do it for them. And in fact, every single day they are growing out of their clothes, their innocence, and eventually out of your home and into the world – so if there is quality time to be had, that time would be now.

Solution: Tell your child stories. But not just you – You AND your child need to tell EACH OTHER stories. Because the best thing you can do for your child before they leave the nest to take on the world, is give them the confidence to be who they are, to solve the unexpected problems that they’ll encounter out there, and to leverage their creativity and imagination to enjoy life. Quality one-on-one time – making up stories with your child – shows them that you care about how they think, what they feel, and the things they say. You listen. You respond. You care. And for them, that’s what the best mom or dad does.

“But, I’m not creative.” Untrue! But whether you feel that way or not, we think our stories can help. They aren’t perfect. Of course not – That’s the point. But we feel good about the quality of time we spend – even if it is only about 8 minutes are so. Before bed, if you can’t spend the time to tell a story together, let them listen to one of ours (or in the car, or when you need quiet time, or any other time – because imagination is always better than animation). Maybe it will give them ideas for the stories YOU tell – Together.

So whether you’ll be listening to our stories every now and again, or never again – Subscribe. That way, you’ll have access to them if/when you need them. And we’ll know that even though our stories aren’t perfect, we are all working together to Inspire Dreams.


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