Special Thanks!

Special thanks to those who publicly shared images online. The following list includes users who were kind enough to post their pictures for creative common use on Flickr.com:

Podcast Bear Cover Image (cropped and wording added): Bob Jagendorf

Thanks for the Music! Found in the podcast: http://www.bensound.com

Peater: Vincent Parsons

Teddy Polar Bear: rubyblossom.

Lion Haircut: Arno Meintjes

Llama Watch: Max Westby

Chocolate Swamp: Miguel Vieira

Gopher Loafers: arne heijenga

Porcupine Pains: Mark Dumont

Daddy Witch: Don

Out of Meat: Alpha

Green Prince: Doug Wheller

Holly Hippo: Alessandro

Tiny the Tiny Dog: aspherical element

Easter Egg Hen: mikatope

Cougar Collapse: Eric Kilby

Eric The Zebra: Dietmar Temps

Toad Traps: Gido

The Fat Anteater: Eric Kilby

Platypus Meals: Jim McLean

Mother’s Day Bunny: e_monk

Iguana Smiles: Andrea Westmoreland

Escape of the Flies: Duncan Hull

Happy the Snail: Dave Huth

Moose Said No: Andrew E. Russell

Animal Town Restaurant: TEDx Manhattan

Scaring Crows: Peter Pearson

A Quail’s Birthday Feast: Sid Mosdell

Godfrey the Goblin and the Great Pumpkin: Sean Loyless

Pedro: Poonam Agarwal

March!: Robert Couse-Baker

Fairly Tolds: Olli Henze


2 thoughts on “Special Thanks!

  1. My son can’t get enough of your stories! He loves them, and so do my wife and I. I found your podcast through a interview you did with another Podcaster. This may sound strange… but we MUST talk some time. We share a common goal in helping kids to use their imagination, and it is so hard to find dads like your self. patrick@patricksouth.com is my email. Thanks again for the amazing stories!


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